Well-being space

The campsite aquatic centre is equipped with a well-being space, where you can relax and maintain your figure.

The well-being space has a complete changing room with showers, W.C., stalls and lockers, a fitness room and a room with hydro-massage table.

The fitness room, free and open access, is equipped with cardio equipment, a running mat, a sit-up bicycle, a reclining bicycle, a cross-trainer, a rowing machine and muscle training equipment (3 function block module, abdominal bench).

The sauna, at extra cost, has an infrared sauna stall for six people max. and a shower.

Room with hydro-massage table :

Stretch out weightlessly on a mattress of heated water (between 25° et 40°) and get a deep massage from 2 water jets. Say goodbye to aching legs, muscle spasms, muscle tension, backaches, neck pain, low back pain, stress, fatigue, etc. The hydro-massage table is a genuine therapeutic tool that can be used 7 days a week by the entire family of any age.

Equipped with the SPA option with 5 unique and different applications that can be used individually or together.

Collagen light

Naturally stimulates the fibroblast metabolism

Ionisation of the air

This new concentration in the air accelerates the transfer of air into the lungs because of better blood circulation which is also stimulated. The nervous system is relieved, the immune system is reinforced.


Miniscule aroma molecules are sent and transmitted to the brain via neurotransmitters. The effect is therefore immediate, a reaction is then measurable in the brain. Emotions are released and controlled, arterial pressure is increased or decreased. The heart rate is reduced or increased, the concentration of the spirit is improved and fatigue eliminated.


Each colour has a specific psychological effect on the central nervous system. Each colour is made up of a certain narrow band of wavelengths which transmit energy. This energy revitalizes the cells of the body.

Sound system or music-therapy

Special relaxing music reduces the cardiac rhythm along with respiration and provokes an improvement of blood flow to the brain. Blood pressure is reduced, respiration is deeper, the bones and muscles relax and the resistance of the skin is lowered.