Around the campsite: Dieppe

Discover Seine-Maritime and Haute-Normandie, right on your doorstep at Vitamin’ Campsite.

A region with a rich history and beautiful seaside towns such as Dieppe

Halfway between Paris and England, the seaside town of Dieppe and surrounding villages paint a region of contrasting greens and blues.

The sea and the countryside come together beautifully in Seine-Maritime. The majestic cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, immortalized by Monet and the most famous impressionist painters, are the jewels of this little corner of Normandy nestled against the sea.

Dieppe is a historical resort town known for its baths, casino, golf course and racetrack. It is also a port where fishing and recreation live side-by-side. Fresh fish and scallops are sold right on the docks in Dieppe, the busiest port in France.

Pavilion bleu certified, the marina is booming and regularly hosts prestigious events like the the Solitaire du Figaro and Tour de France à la voile. Perched on the cliff, the old castle museum houses the region’s deep maritime history, with sailors who set off to explore the world and the first sea baths. A little further inland or on the coast, dovecotes, castles and incredibly lush gardens are to be found in this beautiful countryside so well described by Maupassant. You can also take in the fresh air as you walk through the nearby forest.

Between water sports, fishing, the spa, golf, hiking and sea baths, Dieppe is an attractive destination where you can get away and relax. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, head to Haute-Normandie.

Dieppe is an ideal town for a family holiday as it has all the essentials you need to have fun on your Normandy holiday at our 4-star campsite. The sea, the beach, the breathtaking Norman landscapes… And a natural beauty that will give you a lot of serenity during your stay with friends or family.

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